Why Art Is Important to a Company?

Why Art Is Important to a Company?

You may be fooled into thinking that art only has a place in the business world along office corridors and in reception areas. It is true that the creative world of art, and the suit and tie of the business world, may seem to be brushstrokes apart – but they can meet. And when they do meet, businesses can benefit.

Here we will discuss why art should be present in the workplace, how art can help employees deal with stress, and how it can be used to develop team skills. Read on to learn more.


The Benefits of Art in the Workplace

Unfortunately for workers who spend a lot of time each week behind their desk, most companies view art as an addition to the office that requires little consideration. Multiple researchers, including the British Council for Officers, found that 70% of offices display no art, and in the ones that do, 50% of workers are unhappy with the choice of art displayed.

So, why does it matter? It matters because other studies suggest there are numerous benefits for businesses and their employees when the right type of art is on display, including:

  • Art can tell potential partners and clients about the company’s creativity and values. 
  • Giving workers a choice in the art that surrounds them can help them enjoy their working environment and improve productivity. 
  • Studies in the USA and UK both found that employers believe they are more creative and offer better solutions when surrounded by art they appreciate. The ROI on this is difficult to measure, but it is estimated to have a significant impact on a business’s bottom line.
  • Art that achieves the above does not need to be expensive.

One way to keep costs down and ensure the art chosen benefits employees is by allowing them to create their own pieces of art to hand around their working space. 


Using Art to Reduce Employer Stress

Many corporate jobs include time pressures and deadlines, which results in stressed workers. Giving these workers time to breathe and complete unrelated tasks is one way of helping your staff work more effectively over the long term.

Art can be a fantastic remedy here, also known as art therapy to help with mental health. Short art sessions can be used every month to help workers slow down and process their thoughts better, thus leading to improved results over time.

These sessions may even be combined with the above aims to let workers choose their own office art, allowing employers to obtain double the benefit from one workplace initiative. 


Using Art as a Team Building Exercise

Most employees dislike corporate team building exercises even if it gets them out of the office for a day. Watching presentations and learning facts they already knew in communication sessions is seen as a waste of time.

Instead, art can be used as a way to build valuable team skills through hosting office art competitions and harnessing creativity. For more information see below.


Make Your Company Art-Friendly with Bond83

Bond83 aims to merge art and the workplace and provide services that help employees and their employers through creative works.

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