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Employee Benefit with Art

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Why Art?

Reduce Stress

Art can be a fantastic remedy here, also known as art therapy to help with mental health. Short art sessions can be used every month to help workers slow down and process their thoughts better, thus leading to improved results over time.

Mindfulness Training

Creating art has also become one way of practising mindfulness and obtaining its associated mental health benefits. If mindfulness requires us to zone in on our experiences and emotions, art can do this effectively.


Full Access to All Art Classes at Studio 83

Oil Painting, Acrylic Painting, Sketching, Watercolor Lessons

12 Months Validity

You can let your employees to redeem with 12 months, according to your internal policy

Emloyees Can Redeem Anytime Online

Auto redemption system, your employee can redeem the lesson with voucher codes provided via our website.

Bonus: Upto HK$5000 bonus credits for Team Building event. Enquire Now.