How to Discover the Talents of Your Team Members?

How to Discover the Talents of Your Team Members?

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Many teams and team managers make the mistake of presuming the capabilities of their colleagues. It’s common for us to make presumptions, usually based on the team member’s position in the company hierarchy or the team member’s job title. We might even make wrongful presumptions based on age. But there are ways to avoid this mistake and discover valuable skills of your team.

Why it’s important to discover team talents

Making assumptions is part of human nature. But we must fight the urge not to make assumptions when working with other people, as this could limit team output and prevent us from achieving even more. 

Instead, we should do the opposite. We should take purposeful action to try and understand the people behind each team member and how they can uniquely contribute to projects with their individual talents and skills. 

Doing so can:

  • Achieve better results for the employer
  • Increase employee job satisfaction
  • Reduce staff turnover and re-hiring costs


How to uncover your team’s hidden talents

But how exactly can we discover the talents of team members? This is the responsibility of all people working within the team, but it sometimes falls on the shoulders of team leaders and managers. 

Here are some of the best methods:

Learn about the individual 

Treating people as individuals rather than “one of a collective” is crucial. You need to realise that each team member has their own skills even when they have the same job title as another team member. Take the time to learn about each person and directly ask members how they think they can contribute to projects. Forming deeper workplace relationships is also beneficial in learning about the person and their professional interests. 

Stop focusing on the numbers

When performance is measured by quantifiable metrics, we typically concentrate on related figures to measure team performance. But you can also measure team success in other ways, including non-quantifiable data. For example, a supportive and friendly work environment can enhance team member morale and boost individual confidence to make suggestions. By focusing on the environment rather than just quantitative results, you can foster an environment where individuals promote their skills and possible contributions. 

Don’t abandon team building 

Team building exercises are a fun and proven way to help discover the talents of your team members. Doing exercises outside of your everyday routine and away from the office can help you notice the soft and hard skills of individuals. You might see someone take the lead on a task and showcase leadership qualities you never knew they had. Or you might notice another team member show great negotiating skills during a task discussion.  

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